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 Soil Resource Mapping (SRM)
About Soil Resource Mapping
The Objective of Soil Resource Mapping (SRM) is   
  1)To prepare Soil map on 1:50000 scale using toposheets and satellite remote sensing data    
  2) To generate district based information on nature, extent and potential of soil resources
  3) To develop a methodilogy to reduce tiem and man power required for ground surveys
  4) To delineate soil mapping units using uniform legend
Methodology for Soil Resource Mapping:-
The steps involved for conducting the soil resource mapping using remote sensing technique and generation of digital database are as follows:-
                                       1) Development of Legend
                                       2) Preparation of Base Map
                                       3) Delineation of Landscape/ Geological boundary
                                       4) Delineation of Physiographic Units
                                       5) Delineation of Slope Boundary
                                       6) Delineation of Land use boundary
                                       7) Pre-field Interpretation
                                       8) Selection of Sample Strips
                                       9) Ground Truthing and Field Work
                                      10)Final Interpretation, Validation and Finalisation of Maps
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