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Rapid Reconnaissance Survey (RRS)
Abourt Rapid Reconnaissance Survey  
The Objective of Rapid Reconnaissance Survey (RRS) is to demarcate and identify priority watershed in the catchmnert area on 1:50K scale.It provides information on physiography,slope, soil depth, surface texture, land use ,land cover, surface condition and existing management practices.It deals with identification and demarcation of very high and high priority subwatersheds in catchment on 1:50K scale based on sediment yield/run-off potential index. SLUSI developed a methodology for prioritization of subwatersheds in the catchment areas to facilitate planning of soil and water conservation in a selective mode ad phased manner. The output of the survey is utilised both by Central and State Governments towards formulation of soil and water conservation working plan.

It provides the following information, which could be beneficial to the planning purpose:-

• Development of priority watershed to check sedimentation of dams/reservoirs, to enhance agriculture production and to restore fragile Eco-system
 • Generation of thematic maps of each and every soil and land attributes of erosion intensity mapping unit that provide broad level soil and land characteristics of the catchment area. The soil information on soil and land could be utilized to prioritize the watersheds based on the objectives of any schemes.
 • Each erosion intensity mapping unit is associated with natural habitat and could be considered as distinct Eco-unit for developmental planning purposes.
 • The database could be utilize for non-agricultural application purposes viz. road and sewer line construction, selection of site suitable for disposal of waste, etc.

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