• The mandate of the organization is to provide detailed scientific database on soil and land characteristics to the various State user departments for watershed based soil and water conservation planning for natural resource management. The major activities of the organization are as under:-

  • 1)Detailed Soil Survey (DSS) using real time high resolution Remote Sensing data to generate detailed scientific database on soil and land characteristics for planning and implementation of various programme of soil and water conservation and Soil Health Management (SHM).

  • 2)Development of House for Technical Support Group (TSG) for providing support to National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA).

  • 3)Establishment of an advanced national level Nodal Soil Analytical Laboratory (NSAL) at NOIDA centre for Macro/ Micro nutrient analysis and for monitoring/quality checking of soil analysis which are being done at state level soil analytical laboratories.

  • 4)Monitoring and evaluation of various development projects under NMSA and other national programmes.

  • 5)Development of MIS (Management Information System) for knowledge networking and monitoring.

  • 6)Conducting training for capacity building of officers of state governments involved in different development programme of agriculture, forest, rural development, horticulture and soil conservations etc.

  • 7)Preparation of state wise Platform free Micro-watershed atlas on 1:50 K scale.

  • 8)Collaborative project with central/state government department and also with research institutions and Universities for research / other academic activities.