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Facilities of SLUSI are given below .. click on Section for more details :-

The Remote Sensing Centre of Soil and Land Use Survey of India is located at C-4, Sector-1, NOIDA. It has requisite infrastructure and equipment support for both visual and digital image analysis of the remote sensing data and generation of spatial and non-spatial digital database under GIS environment. The centre is equipped with a number of advanced hardware and software. IRS and PAN Digital Data and False Colour Composites (FCC) paper prints, covering major part of the country are available with the Remote Sensing Centre. The major equipments procured to deal with development of spatial and non-spatial database and updating with remote sensing techniques are listed below.

Hardware & Networking

  1. HP Desktop Z620 Workstations- 7 Nos.
  2. HP/Wipro :Desktop - 8 Nos.
  3. 4TB NAS Drive Server - 1 No.
  4. Cisco Router-2821- 1 No.
  5. Cisco Switch 24 ports -1 No.
  6. DLINK Switch 24 Ports - 1 No.


  1. All systems are connected with internet 10 MBPS Railtel leased line connected through NIC


  1. ArcGIS Version 10.2.2- 4 Nos
  2. ERDAS Imagine - 2015 Licence (Digital Image Analysais Software)
  3. Oracle 10g - 1 License (RDBMS software)


  1. HP Colour Laser Jet 5550 dn - 1 Nos.
  2. HP LaserJet P1007 - 1 Nos.
  3. HP Laserjet M1319fMFP - 1 Nos.
  4. HP Laserjet 3380 printer-fax-scanner-copier - 1 Nos.


  1. Repro MFP - 1 No.
  2. HP Scanjet 5590


Each Centre is well equipped with soil testing laboratory for analysis of soil and water samples to support the field observations and supplement data for sound interpretation and recommendations. The laboratory of each centre is managed by Asstt. Soil Chemist and/or Technical staff. Soil analysis comprising physical, chemical and soil fertility parameters is carried out in these laboratories for characterization of soils to derive interpretation groupings for utility purposes, soil management and to understand the development of soils. The characterization of soil in the laboratory through determination of physical and chemical properties helps to understand the genesis of soils, proper placement of soil in taxonomy, evaluation of land use potential for agriculture and non-agriculture practices, land suitability, integrated nutrient management and soil reclamation purpose. Soil analysis is thus very essential to identify the status of plant nutrient, soil physical conditions, soil acidity, alkalinity and judicious application of irrigation water and chemical fertilizer.



Cartographic Laboratory for preparation and reproduction of the maps exists in each centre of the organization..

Library at Delhi(HQ)  is having selected reference books, reports, reprints, bulletins and periodicals relating to pedology, soil survey, soil conservation, remote sensing, photography, office procedures and other allied subjects has been built up at the headquarters of the organization at IARI campus, New Delhi. Soil survey reports project reports, bulletins and other regular publications of the organization are available in the library for reference.Copies of the soil survey reports and other publications of SLUSI as well as those received from other central and state organizations are available.Each centre is maintaining library.Near about 1600 reports of various Surveys have been published by the SLUSI.