Detailed Soil Survey (DSS)
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About Detailed Soil Survey (DSS)

The Objective of detailed soil survey is to generate detailed infromation on soil and land characteristics of the priority area using various scales cadastral map (1:4K/8K) or large scale aerial photograpgh (1:15,000). The current using scale is 1:10000 .It deals with systematic detailed study of soils comprising morphological examination of soils in the field , analysis of soil samples in the soil laboratory and  preparation of maps in the Remote Sensing & GIS Lab.In general the Detailed Soil Survey,  very high and high priority subwatersheds area and rainfed are taken up  to generate detailed data base on soils which are pre-requisites for formulation of village level plan.The data generated out of soil survey could be interpreted to derive base information on the use potential of land or various utilitarian purposes.

It provides the following information, which are essential for any land development programme

  1. Proper diagnosis of soils .

  2. Scientific Land Use planning.

  3. Soil amendments for judicious use of chemical fertilizer.

  4. Soil , land,  water, crop and nutrient management.

  5. Generation of soil health cards for dissemination of soil information to farming community.

  6. Development of  Soil Information System.

  7. Optimal  utilization of Soil Resources.

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