Users List

The Watershed Atlas of India (WAI) is already being used by many organizations.

An illustrative list of notable users, their comments and applications are as below:-

1.       WAI and compendium of watersheds were used in preparing estimates of assessment of surveys for Ganga, Brahmaputra, Meghna Basins.

2.       Indian National Committee for International Hydrology Programme (IHP) felt that the WA is a basic work and it could be considered by I-IYDCOM for publication as a contribution from India to lHP (Ref : letter No. 2(8)/78(N)-IHP-6499 dated 3.5.1979).

3.       Invited by High Level Technical Committee on Hydrology, the concept and the delineation and codification procedures were presented at the 2nd Meeting of the Asian Regional Coordinating Committee on Hydrology held at New Delhi on January 10-12, 1983.

4.       The “Watershed Delineation and Codification” and the Watershed Atlas were presented at the Cartographic Seminar-cum-Exhibition  Organized by Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Gujarat, held at Ahmedabad from April 23-25, 1983.

5.       The Director General, National Water Development Agency discussed during January 1963 and considered WA as a useful base for the investigations to be carried out by National Water Development Agency.

6.       The System Engineering Directorate of CWC was appreciative of the delineations for Mahanadi Basin which could be considered for adoption.

7.       Consultant (Hill Areas), Planning Commission was informed about the WA that could be beneficially used for planning hill area development programmes on watershed basis.

8.       Department of Meteorology and Oceanography, Andhra University was informed about the WA for land use studies in Mahanadi Basin for flood forecasting.

9.       Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad was introduced to the WA for the proposed studies on river basins of India and their current land use.

10.    Department of Botany, Institute of Science, Bombay was advised to use 22 catchments as per the delineations in WA for the Indian Council of World Affairs study on “Impact of human settlement and development activities in Ganga Basin.”

11.    All State level Watershed Development Departments and State Soil Survey Organisations.

12.    Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)

13.    Indian Institute of Management(IIM)

14.    Agricultural Universities pan across India

15.    Indian Agricultural Research Institute.

16.    State Soil and Water Conservation Departments

17.    State Remote Sensing Centers

18.    Coastal Area Development Authority

19.    Centre for Water Resources Development and Management

20.    Command Area Development Authorities

21.    Geological Survey of India

22.    Space Application Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation, Ahmedabad

23.    Indian Council of World Affairs for Himalayan Region

24.    National Water Development Agency

25.    North Eastern Council for the states covered by N.E Region

26.    Central Water Commission for Mahanadi Basin

27.    Brahmaputra Board for the North Eastern region

28.    Indian Photo-Interpretation Institute for Karimnagar district Integrated Resources Survey