Materials , Framework and  Methodology for  Delineation of Watersheds

The Watershed Atlas has been developed using the following

Base materials:-

Base Data

  Watershed Atlas of India (1990)


  CONTEX Wide Image Scanner

  HP Workstation

  HP designjet Plotter


  ArcGIS - GIS Software

  Microsoft Office Access - RDBMS Software

Framework for Hierarchical System of Delineation of Watersheds:-

 Soil and Land Use Survey of India (SLUSI) has initiated delineation and codification of watersheds in the country since launching of Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Soil and Water Conservation in the catchments of River Valley Project during III Five Year Plan. Delineation of watershed is carried out following Hierarchical System of rivers/streams based on drainage network. The codification of watershed is done following Alphanumeric System.


Systematic delineation and codification of microwatersheds have been done starting from bigger to smaller hydrologic unit following stream hierarchy. Delineation of entire Indian River systems by Dr. A. N. Khosla, Central Water and Power Commission (CWPC), 1949, has been taken as base information for preparation of this Watershed Atlas of India.

According to this framework, whole country is delineated into six Water Resources Regions:

v  Region No. 1: Indus Drainage

v  Region No. 2: Ganges Drainage

v  Region No. 3: Brahmaputra Drainage

v  Region No. 4: All Drainage flowing into Bay of Bengal except those at 2 & 3

v  Region No. 5: All Drainage flowing into Arabian Sea except that at 1

v Region No. 6   : The Ephemeral drainage in Rajasthan