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State: Sikkim Area in  ha
Report NumberDistrict(s) Type Catchment Name
(As per Watershed Atlas 1990*)
Surveyed Area PeriodTotal SWS/MWSVery High SWS/MWSVery High SWS/MWS AreaHigh SWS/MWSHigh SWS/MWS AreaResurvey Report_No.
1426 (P) East, West, South and North RVP Teesta to Manas confluence(3A1)710767 Nov 2006- Feb 20075521492133982428829 
1073 East, North, South & West SikkimRVP Teesta to Manas confluence(3A1)409039 December, 1989 - May, 199097391737951240495AGRI440

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SWS/MWS :Sub- watershed/Micro-watershed, P:Partly

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