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State: Mizoram Area in  ha
Report NumberDistrict(s) TypeCatchment
(WAI 2012/1990*)
Area (ha.)
PeriodTotal SWS/MWSVery High SWS/MWSVery High
High SWS/MWSHigh
Resurvey Report_No.
AGR1544Aizawl, Champhai ,Lawngtlai, Lunglei, Mamit ,Saiha and SerchhipFPR 3D1971150December 2011 to January 20111193208158435259222380 
AGR1350MamitNonRVP/FPR 3C21706December, 2004 - March, 20051025611450 
AGR1328Aizawl, Kolasib, Serchhip, ChamphaiNonRVP/FPR 3C2 839925November, 2000 - March, 20011542132374193616874348 
AGR1265Aizawl, kolasib, Mamit, SerchhipNonRVP/FPR 3C2338440November, 2000 - Marh, 200161661351863420068AGR1352
AGR1187AizawlFPR 3C24735February, 1999 - March, 199900473500 

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SWS/MWS :Sub- watershed/Micro-watershed, P:Partly

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