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State: Himachal Pradesh Area in  ha
Report NumberState District(s) TypeCatchment
(WAI 2012/1990*)
Surveyed Area (ha.PeriodTotal SWS/MWSVery High SWS/MWSVery High SWS/MWS AreaHigh SWS/MWSHigh SWS/MWS AreaResurvey Report_No.
AGR1571 Himachal Pradesh Chamba, Kangra, Una,RVP 1B1138525January 2010 to June 20112685727857116567 
AGR1569 Himachal Pradesh Bilaspur, Kangra, Solan and UnaFPR 1A1210087April to June 20082103116712605033831022 
AGR1564 Himachal Pradesh ChambaRVP 1C119044January, 2010 to June, 201130271783531203 
AGR1398 Himachal Pradesh Kinnaur, Lahaul & SpitiRVP 1A2964634June,1998 - July, 1998167784746888514081690 
AGR1079 Himachal Pradesh Shimla, SirmaurFPR 6D223775January,1988 - April,199016162377500 
AGR0906 Himachal Pradesh SirmaurFPR 6D232275May, 1987 - June, 1988881942500 
AGR0830 Himachal Pradesh ShimlaFPR 2C6188122October, 1985 - November, 198559134376842129554 
AGR0818 Himachal Pradesh ChambaRVP 1C1508847May, 1986 - July, 198625015227338687140136AGR1406
AGR0716 Himachal Pradesh Shimla, Sirmaur, SolanFPR 2C6134568February, 1984 - November, 198410149664003950807AGR0692(D)
AGR0477 Himachal Pradesh Shimla, Sirmaur, SolanFPR 2C6265927March, 1978 - June, 197815246778322740874 
AGR0455 Himachal Pradesh Hamirpur, Kullu, Kangra, MandiRVP 1B1591092February,1977 - June, 19772818117062070126536 
AGR0453 Himachal Pradesh Bilaspur, Mandi, Shimla, SolanRVP 1A2602236March, 1976 - June, 19762988515766254105738 
AGR0403 Himachal Pradesh Mandi,Kullu,KangraRVP 1B1549636 494475230685102901 

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SWS/MWS :Sub- watershed/Micro-watershed, P:Partly, D:Digital

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