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Facilities of SLUSI

Remote Sensing Cell:


The Remote Sensing Centre of Soil and Land Use Survey of India is located at C-4, Sector-1, NOIDA. It has requisite infrastructure and equipment support for both visual and digital image analysis of the remote sensing data and generation of spatial and non-spatial digital database under GIS environment.  The centre is equipped with a number of advanced hardware and software. IRS and PAN Digital Data and False Colour Composites (FCC) paper prints, covering major part of the country are available with the Remote Sensing Centre.  The major equipments procured to deal with development of spatial and non-spatial database and updating with remote sensing techniques are listed below.


Computers and peripherals:

ï    HP Desktop Workstation (High End) – 7

ï  HP/Wipro :Desktop  – 6

ï    4TB NAS Drive Server – 1,     Rack Server –3, Tower Server -1

ï   CISCO Router – 2821 , Switch 24 port -1

Scanners and Digitizer:

ï Context Colour Scanner

ïHP Scanjet 5590


ï  HP 4000 Designjet Plotter

ïHP Colour Laser Jet 5550 dn  

ï   HP  Laserjet 3380 (printer-fax-scanner-copier)


ïArcGIS Total - 6 (10.2.2 – 4 License , 10.2 - 1 License, 10.1 - 1)

ïERDAS Imagine - 2015 Licence (Digital Image Analysis Software)

ïOracle 10g – 1 License (RDBMS software)

ïWindows 7

ï  MS-Office – 2007


10 MBPS leased line (between SLUSI , Sector-1, NOIDA and NIC)


   2)Photo Processing Laboratory and Printing Cell:-

A photo-processing and reproduction laboratory has been established at the Headquarters. The laboratory is equipped with Devere Dichromat vertical enlarger, Panta photo (20"x20"), Drust M605 enlarger, Nikkon camera of 35 mm format and a photo developing unit.

The Printing Cell is equipped with one Duplo digital printer model DP 43S of A3 size, Digital printer model DP 3100 of B-4 size, Lithotex Vertical Camera, Collator model DC-10, Laminating Machine of A0 Size, Spiral and Spico binding Machines are functioning at the Headquarters. A Senior Photographic Assistant who is assisted by one Photographic Assistant look after the activities of the Cell. The printing jobs accomplished during the year are given below.

3 Soil Laboratory:-

Each Regional Centre is well equipped with soil laboratory for analysis of soil and water samples to support the field observations and supplement data for sound interpretation and recommendations.  The laboratory of each centre is managed by an Asstt. Soil Chemist and other technical staff. Soil analysis comprising both physical and chemical parameters is carried out in these laboratories for characterization of soils to derive interpretation groupings for utility purposes besides soil classification, soil management and to understand the development of soils.


4 Cartographic Laboratory:-

Cartographic Laboratory for preparation and reproduction of the maps exists in each regional centre and sub centre of the organization. The unit at each of the Regional centre is under the charge of Cartography Officer where as the cartographic laboratory of each sub cente is supervised by an Asstt. Sol Survey Officer.  Optical reflecting projector, ammonia printing machine, NC scriber and Drafting table exist at each of the regional centres and sub centres.  Large format optical enlarger having capability of 4 times enlargement accommodating 9”x9” format has also been installed at Nagpur and Kolkata centre.

5  Library:-

A central library  containing selected reference books, reports, reprints, bulletins and periodicals relating to pedology, soil survey, soil conservation, remote sensing, photography, office procedures and other allied subjects has been built up at the headquarters of the organization at IARI campus, New Delhi. Soil survey reports project reports, bulletins and other regular publications of the organization are available in the library for reference. Cataloguing, documentation and dissemination of the literature is being looked after by an officer assisted by technical staff.

Each of the regional centres/sub-etnres maintains a library containing selected reference books on soil science, soil survey, remote sensing and other allied disciplines.  Copies of the soil survey reports and other publications of AISLUS as well as those received from other central and state organizations are available in these libraries. 


6 Documentation and User Services:-

SLUSI publishes the results of various kinds of soil surveys and special projects in the form of soil and land use survey reports and maps. So far, 1389 reports have been published by the Organization, out of which 22 reports, covering 7 reports of Rapid Reconnaissance Survey, 14 reports of Detailed Soil Survey and 1 reports of Land Degradation Mapping covering seven districts of Nagaland have been published during the year.

These reports are made available to the user agencies of states and central departments, agricultural universities/institutions and related organizations for planning various developmental programmes on soil and water conservation, water management, farm level planning, land reclamation, etc.