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       Bulletins/Other Publications of SLUSI


   Soil Survey Manual, 1970

  Hydrologic grouping of 200 soil series, 1972

  Infiltration studies on 75 soil series, 1981

  Watershed Atlas of India on 1:1 M scale, 1990

  Methodology for priority Delineation Survey, 1991

  Status of Soil Survey in India, 1999

  Soil and Land Information for watershed Development, 2001

  Info- Slusi Micro watershed Atlas of India Uttarakhand, 2007

  Compendium on Soil & Land Resource Mapping for Integrated Watershed Development

  Working Manual Soil Analysis

  Field Book for Rapid Reconnaissance Survey

  Tikau Khetti Ke Liya Mrida Sarvekshan

  Field Book for Describing & Sampling Soils Version 2.0.

  Technical Bulletin on Soil & Land Information for Watershed Development