The major achivements of SLUSI are as under:-
  • Watershed Atlas of India (1:1M scale) .
  • Micro-watershed Atlas (MWA) of 27 states and 6 UTs (1:50K scale ). Plotform free MWA available for 12 States and Puducherry.
  • Digital  database for watershed prioritization ( Rapid Reconnaissance Survey) in 204.11 million ha lands in covering major part in in all states of country
  • Detailed soil survey (DSS) database in 16.14 million  ha as on march 2015,  in selected high and very high priority micro watersheds (based on Silt yield index/ Priority rainfed districts of National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) in various catchments  spread in states falling in different Agro-climatic regions of country.
  • Digital Soil Resource Mapping (SRM) database under the Natural Resources Information Systems" (NRIS)  and National Natural Resources Management System  (NNRMS) NNRMS for 252 districts (132.29 m ha).
  • Land Degradation Mapping  (LDM)of 65 districts (46.6  million  ha ) of country at 1:50K  scale.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of watershed development projects under NWDPRA and in Shifting Cultivation Areas (WDPSCA).
  • About 1500 report abstracts of various surveys such as RRS,DSS,LDM and SRM are available  on the website on free of cost in the PDF format.
  • Consultancy Projects for environmental study / Training /workshop.