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Soil & Land Use Survey of India (SLUSI), earlier All India Soil & Land Use Survey (AISLUS) established in 1958, is a subordinate office of the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare. The foundation of the national level soil surveys in India was laid in 1953 when the Government of India invited Dr. F. F. Rickens, Soil Specialist from USA to advice on organizing soil survey programmes in the country. Subsequently in 1955, the All India Soil Survey Scheme was initiated under the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi to carry out reconnaissance soil surveys in the country. Four Regional Centres designated as Alluvial Soil Region, Black Soil Region, Red & Lateritic Soil Region- I and Red & Lateritic Soil Region- II were established at Delhi, Nagpur, Calcutta and Bangalore, respectively. In the year 1958, the Scheme was enlarged by integrating land use survey scheme of the Central Soil Conservation Board of the Department of Agriculture for conducting detailed soil surveys in RVP catchment areas to provide detailed information on soil and land characteristics for planning and execution of effective soil conservation measures. Thus, the original Scheme was renamed as All India Soil & Land Use Survey (AISLUS) in 1958 and its responsibilities were enlarged to cover detailed soil surveys for soil conservation activities.  


It is an apex organization in the country which deals with Soil Survey and Land Resource Mapping.The SLUSI is a primarily engaged in conducting soil survey of different intensities in order to provide scientific database for developmental programmes encompassing soil and water conservation planning, watershed development, scientific land use planning etc. The database generation of the organization commensurate with the requirement of soil and land use information of various land-based development programmes.The organization is well equipped with Remote Sensing techniques, Geographic Information System (GIS), Image Analysis along with modern facilities of soil analysis and cartography laboratories for acquision of soil and land information and for the development and management of digitial spatial database.It operates soil survey activities from Headquarters at New Delhi (Headed by Chief Soil Survey Officer)  through seven Centres  (Headed by Head of Office (HoO) ) Located at Noida, Kolkata, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Ranchi. [Click here for Activities of SLUSI]


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                      Detailed Soil Survey                                    Soil Resource Mapping                              Rapid Reconnaissance Survey 

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