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The SLUSI has adopted a conjunctive approach of using geospatial technology of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (RS & GIS) to carry soil and land use surveys to develop the scientific soil and land-use database at different intensities for planning soil and water conservation and for providing sustainable land management solutions in a time bound manner while maintaining the highest quality standards. SLUSI provides technical and consulting solutions to government and non-governmental organization engaged in agriculture, Forestry, Irrigation, Watershed management, Rural development. The database of the organization is an essential pre requisite in planning integrated Watershed based -intelligence solutions for the issues like Soil and Water conservation, and Soil health management for agriculture development. These information systems help government, non-government organization in planning measures to mitigate soil health and land suitability related problems and help them in sustainable management of natural resources.

The SLUSI has expertise in the following fields:-

  1. Soil survey and sampling at different intensities
  2. Soil and land inventory and mapping using RS, GIS & GPS techniques
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation & change detection analysis
  4. Spatial representation of Soil attributes using digital mapping technique
  5. Data integration, modelling and analytics for Soil and water conservation and watershed management, rural development, Forestry application etc.
Sr.No Name of the Project  Year
1 Detailed Soil Survey for generating soil and land database with special emphasis on “The Identification of Water Logged, Salinity and Alkalinity Area in Upper Tunga Project and Preparation of Report for Land Reclamation Work” funded by Bhadra Cada, Shimoga.   2018-19
2 Soil Resource Mapping of 13 districts of Kerala funded by Kerala State Land Use Board.  2012–19
3 Assessment of soil erosion risk in Siwalik hills in SAS Nagar, Roopnagar, Dasuya, Hoshiarpur, and Pathankot district of  Punjab state.  2017-18
4 Detailed Soil Survey & Land Use/Land Cover Mapping of the NTPC Ltd. Project area” on 1:10,000 scale funded by NTPC Ltd. SIPAT’. 2017-18 
5 Soil Erosion Mapping in Sub-mountain Siwalik Hills of Punjab on 1:5,000 scale funded by ‘Department of Forest & Wildlife Preservation, Government of Punjab’.  2017-18 
6 Desertification Status Mapping of India funded by Space Application Centre (SAC), Department of Space, Ahmadabad.  2013-15
7 Soil fertility mapping of Delhi using RS and GIS - Delhi Government .  2007-08
8 Soil Mapping of 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh using RS & GIS.  2006-07
9 Soil Mapping of 45 districts of Madhya Pradesh State using RS & GIS, project received from MP Council of Science & Technology.  2003-07
10 Soil mapping of 24 districts, project received from Remote Sensing Application Centre, Uttara Pradesh State.  2004-06
11 Soil Mapping of 4 districts, project received from Haryana State Remote Sensing Application Centre. 2004-05
12 Soil Mapping of 38 blocks of Gujarat, project received from National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad. 2002-03
13 Development of Decision Support System using Remote Sensing and GIS-Indo German Bilateral Project (IJBP).  2001-02
14 Soil and Land Use mapping of the Project Site at Goa - Tata Housing . 2000-01
15 Soil mapping of Dehra Dun district of Uttarakhand State.  2000-01
16 Soil Survey of Baishali and Hazaribagh districts of Bihar and Jharkhand.  
17 Detailed Soil Survey of Priority Watersheds of Banas Catchment.   
18 Detailed Soil Survey of Priority Watersheds of Nizamsagar Catchment.  
19 Detailed Soil Survey of some selected watersheds of Goa.  
20 Detailed Soil Survey of 5 villages of Dadra Nagar Haveli.  
Sr.No Name of the Project  Year
1 Impact Evaluation of Watershed Development Programme in Shifting Cultivation areas of North Eastern States Districts (Seven districts) using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques (2010-11). 2010-11
2 Preparation of perspective plan for watershed development of all districts of Madhya Pradesh. - Rajiv Gandhi Mission for watershed development, Bhopal. (2008-10). 2008-10
3 Evaluation of the impact of Burnapura Watershed Management using RS and GIS-IGBP.  
4 Monitoring and Evaluation of 20 NWDPRA watersheds using RS & GIS – DAC (2000-01). 2000-01
5 Watershed Reconciliation of Narmada Catchment - Consultancy Project received from NVDA, Bhopal (1999-00). 1999-2000
6 Evaluation of the impact of Watershed Management using RS and GIS for three watersheds of Tilaya Catchment - Consultancy Project received from IGBP (1998). 1998
Sr.No Name of the Project  Year
1 Koel-Karo Hydro Electric Project, NHEPC, Faridabad (1999-00) 1999-00
2 Jigaon Irrigation Project, Maharashtra (1999-00) 1999-00
3 Jamrani Irrigation Project, UP (1993-94)  1993-94
4 Humman Irrigation Project. (1993-94) 1993-94
5 Tilari Irrigation Project, Maharashtra (1993-94) 1993-94
6 Eastern GangaCanal Irrigation Project, UP (1994-95) 1994-95
7 Gosikhurd Irrigation Project, Maharashtra (1994-95) 1994-95
8 Tultuli Irrigation Project, Maharashtra (1994-95) 1994-95
9 Lower Wunna Irrigation Project, Maharashtra (1994-95) 1994-95
10 Lalnallah Irrigation Project, MP (1998-99) 1998-99
11 Lower Wardha Irrigation Project, Maharashtra (2000-01) 2000-01
Sr.No Name of the Project  Year
1 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Jhelum and Chenab Catchment- Special Project of PMO  
2 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Dhaleswari Catchment  
3 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Dickrong Catchment  
4 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Upper Indravati Catchment  
5 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Jai-Bhareli Catchment  
6 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Kapili Catchment  
7 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Betwa Catchment  
8 Rapid Reconnaissance Survey of Ramganga Catchment-II  
9 Re-fixation of priority for Halon and Upper Narmada irrigation project of NVDA  
10 Resurvey of Gomti Catchment   
Land Degradation Mapping
Sr.No Name of the Project  Year
1 Land Degradation Mapping of districts of North Eastern States  
2 Land Degradation Mapping of Chamba District, Project received from Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad  

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